Jenkins 1.x

Useful plugins

- This plugin adds a markup formatter that's unsafe but allows more powerful HTML manipulation.

- A buildstep wrapping any number of other buildsteps, controlling their execution based on a defined condition (e.g. BuildParameter).

Email Extension Plugin
- This plugin is a replacement for Jenkins's email publisher

Environment Injector Plugin
- This plugin makes it possible to set an environment for the builds.

Hudson Post build task
- This plugin allows to execute a batch/shell task depending on the build log output.

JUnit Plugin
- Allows JUnit-format test results to be published.

Multijob plugin
- This plugin is a MultiJob plugin.

Parameterized Trigger plugin
- This plugin lets you trigger new builds when your build has completed, with various ways of specifying parameters for the new build.

Post-Build Script Plug-in
- PostBuildScript makes it possible to execute a set of scripts at the end of the build.

Run Condition Plugin
- Core conditions to select whether to execute a build step or publisher. Used by the [Flexible Publish Plugin] and the [Conditional BuildStep Plugin].

Test Results Analyzer Plugin
- This plugin is a sample to explain how to write a Jenkins plugin.

TextFinder plugin
- This plugin is used to search for strings in workspace files. The outcome of this search can be used to mark the build as normal or failed.

Token Macro Plugin
- This plug-in adds reusable macro expansion capability for other plug-ins to use.